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  • £15.99

    Hotter Sex Is Now In Your Hands!

    Here’s the penis instruction manual that should come with every guy-all the highly orgasmic touches and techniques that’ll rev up your passion, rekindle his intimacy, and spark the reddest hottest lustiest sex ever.

    Peek Inside. You’ll Discover.
    * Over 50 sizzling techniques to master oral lovemaking
    * How to fulfill his erotic fantasies (so he’ll beg for more)
    * Arousing sex toy tricks that’ll supercharge his orgasms
    * A tiny erogenous zone that triggers king-sized climaxes
    * Top 10 tips to avoid the biggest penis no-no’s

    Plus many more turn-ons for both of you!

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  • £15.99

    Are you getting the Orgasms you Deserve?

    Sex educator Sadie Allison wants you to! She’ll guide you trough today’s vast sex toy jungle to help you find the shapes, sizes and sensations that satisfy you-along with lots of fun, safe ways to achieve the best orgasms of your life.

    Orgasms are a natural gift. Come inside and unwrap yours.
    Tastefully illustrated and temptingly readable, toygasm! Will show you:
    * How to find the most exciting sex toys for you-and your lover>
    * No-blush secrets to introduce your lover to hot toy-play.
    * Stimulating ways to make EVERY sex toy even better.
    * Over 40 toy-tested techniques for mind blowing orgasms!
    * How to hide your personal sex toys from prying eyes. And much more.

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  • £15.99

    A women’s guide to sexual self-pleasure. Love yourself like nobody else! Live out your full orgasmic potential in this playful self-pleasure guide for women.

    Come enjoy all the breathtaking passion you have coming to you.stress-melting touches that satisfy your soul.followed by wave after wave of heart-racing orgasms like you’ve never imagined!

    The pleasure is all yours.
    * Discover over 30 sensual touches and buzzes for a lifetime of ohmygod! orgasms.
    * See over 60 guiding illustrations to awaken the magic in your hands.
    * Find out how to caress yourself to deep, satisfying G-spot climaxes.
    * Learn to free your mind for all the pleasure you deserve. A pleasure trove for all of today’s women.and curious men!

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