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  • £7.99

    The Bum Buster is a great quality anal plug from the Anal Play range by TOYJOY Classics. The naughty design is body-safe and made of premium, soft-touch silicone.

    This anal plug features a thrilling silhouette, teasing both the P-spot and offering exterior perineum stimulation. It comes with an easy-retrieval loop and is the perfect choice for lovers who want to experiment with anal play.

    Just lube it up and you’re ready to start your pleasurable adventure!

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  • £10.99

    One piece of silicone made perfectly to stimulate the prostate, perineum and stretch the balls. 

    The prostate massager is about 4 inches in length with a 1-inch diameter. The piece of silicone that covers the perineum has a couple of nodule for extra stimulation. 

    The ball stretcher allows the testicles to be cupped at the base of the penis then hang free to stretch.

    Packaging, Aluminium Foil Bag

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  • £11.99

    Small soft-touch silicone prostate massager. Ergonomically designed and flexible.

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  • £12.99

    Enabling a guy to experience a more powerful ejaculation we have the stunning Dr. Joel Kaplan Perineum Massager, a fabulous 4.5-inch curved vibrator to tease the sensitive perineum and delve deep to hit the prostate gland.

    The wonderful Dr. Joel Kaplan Perineum Massager offers multi-speed vibration and has been manufactured in a smoke coloured acrylic and features a nylon retrieval cord for easy extraction from the anus.

    The superb Dr. Joel Kaplan Perineum Massager is also a waterproof massager and as such can be used to stimulate the anus in any wet conditions such as the shower, bath, Jacuzzi and more.

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  • £12.99

    A fabulously shaped prostate massager complete with a one-touch vibrating bullet at the base.

    Made of silicone it is soft and comfortable, the cock ring has a little bit of stretch to fit most sizes. (Internal diameter is 2.7 inches)

    Batteries, 1 x AAA which is included 

    Packaging, Aluminium Foil Bag

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  • £14.99

    Hot dual stimulation!

    This ergonomically shaped plug simultaneously stimulates the prostate and perineum.

    The curved tip rests on the P-spot, while the perineum bar massages the outer area with its exciting wavy texture. The plug is great for solo fun because it’s extremely flexible and because it has a retraction strap.

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  • £16.99

    The vibrating silicone prostate massager is designed to slip easily inside the anus, it will hit the prostate with ease and is shaped to allow hands-free stimulation as you rock yourself to an intense orgasm.

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  • £19.99

    With a diameter of 1.3 inches, the Black Butt Plug with Cock Ring is ideally sized for beginners. Far from intimidating yet undeniably thrilling, this anal sex toy for men has an added benefit for your erection.

    Starting at the front you will find a well-designed cock ring. For those in the know, cock rings work hard to give you a bigger, stronger and longer-lasting erection by trapping blood flow into your penis and making it swell an instantly improved erection!

    This stunning anal sex toy will not only boost your manhood, but it will satiate your anal cravings too with its attached butt plug. Featuring a rounded head to slip inside your anus with ease, the butt plug is just enough to open you up and massage your P spot prostate each time your penis is stimulated inside the connected cock ring.

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  • £19.99

    Specifically designed for optimal prostate and perineal stimulation, the OptiMALE P-Massager provides prostate health and pleasure in one.

    Helps to improve, control, and intensify orgasms while strengthening your PC muscles for maximum satisfaction to your P-spot!

    The P-Massager is made of flexible silicone, for comfortable, body-safe play, featuring a pull ring for easy release. made of phthalate-free silicone.

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  • £21.99

    Experience tremendously thrilling anal pleasure with the sensational Dr Joel Kaplan Silicone Prostate Probe, a fantastic 7.75-inch anal probe with a tapered head for easy entry, double rib below the head, noduled shaft, and double rib near the handle.

    The stunning Dr Joel Kaplan Silicone Prostate Probe has been manufactured in a firm and pliable black silicone material and designed for multi-functional use the heavily textured shaft will stimulate the internal walls a the tip will hit the prostate.

    The fabulous Dr Joel Kaplan Silicone Prostate Probe also features an EZ pull ring at the base of the handle enabling the user to extract the device slowing for a prolonged sensation or rapidly for an instant thrill.

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  • £23.99

    Black cock ring with a butt plug, dotted perineum bar and vibrations at the push of a button.

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  • £27.99

    Renegade’s P-Spot kit – Playful, powerful and pleasure-inducing. Perfectly designed anal plugs, targeting the prostate and delivering skyrocketing pleasure with ease. These body-safe Silicone plugs feature a curved base for comfort and security and are suitable for use with all lubricants.

    Small 7.6 x 6.2 x 2.3 cm
    Medium 9.6 x 7.4 x 2.8 cm
    Large 12 x 9.1 x 3.6 cm

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  • £27.99

    New and Improved!

    Introduce yourself to the smallest addition of the Nexus G-Play range. With its ergonomically designed silicone shaft and a motor that delivers strong, steady vibrations, G Play Small is extremely versatile.

    Perfect to use anally or vaginally it’s ideal for men and for women, whichever way you want it! Remove the silicone outer for cleaning.

    Comes with 6 vibration modes. Waterproof and rechargeable Nexus G-Play small is suitable for men and women and can also be used for clitoral stimulation.

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  • £28.49

    Experience new sensations. This prostate massager is anatomically designed to give you the most orgasmic sensations as it brings you to the ultimate climax.

    Powerful bullet embedded at the tip to stimulate the prostate
    Layered with soft nodules for anal pleasure
    Smooth ergonomically designed hand unit to sit comfortably in your hand.

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  • £29.99

    Where the fun begins!

    Experience new thrills!
    This prostate massager is anatomically designed to give you the most orgasmic sensation as it brings you to the ultimate climax.

    With smooth rumpled ridges gives profound teasing sensation when entering and on withdrawal.

    Techno beat 10
    Guaranteed Waterproof

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  • £31.99

    Discover your male G-spot and experience explosive full body orgasms with this purpose designed Vibrating Prostate Stimulator.

    Perfect for beginners to the world of prostate stimulation, this first-timer anal vibe is cleverly curved to hit the right spot every time.

    The smooth, non-porous tip is angled to gently massage the prostate, while the nubby tip on the handle simultaneously presses against the perineum (the magic spot between the testicles and the anus).

    The easy grip handle gives the user complete control AND the base has ribbed grooves to add pleasure during insertion and removal. Your prostate won’t know what it did to deserve it.

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  • £33.99

    When you’re looking for a ring that delivers the most explosive ejaculations, the Rock Hard Ass-Gasm combines two of man’s favourite sensations into one amazing performance ring.

    This smooth silicone ring fits snug like a glove and pushes your package out to the max, making you harder and stronger while you enjoy incredible prostate stimulation. Made from our silky-smooth Elite Silicone, this dual-action cock ring doubles as a wearable P-Spot plug, allowing you to prolong ejaculation and extend the fun while enjoying an incredible prostate massage.

    With the Rock Hard Ass-Gasm in your ass and the ring wrapped snug around your cock and balls, you’ll stay harder and stronger than ever before! The stretchy silicone ring puts the squeeze on performance letdowns, maintaining thick, throbbing erections that last longer! The round, smooth plug makes entry and retrieval a snap, while the thin, tapered shaft ensures the plug will stay in place between your cheeks when the action heats up.

    The comfortable wrap-around shield gives you extra support and lets your lover know that you mean business. You’ll look bigger, tougher, and get harder than ever before while you enjoy powerful, explosive orgasms. The phthalate-free, latex-free Elite Silicone can be enjoyed in full confidence with water-based lubricants.

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  • £34.99

    This product has a 9cm long perineum stimulating arm.

    Second generation prostate and perineum stimulating vibrator. Features sculpted curves for maximum comfort.

    This prostate massager has a more defined shaft than the original, it is both thicker and more pointed for enhanced sensation.

    This product is made from silky feel silicone, it is waterproof and phthalate free. 9cm in length by 3cm in width. 

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  • £35.00

    At last a personal massager with a difference! Beautifully designed in luxurious brushed silicone the Silo is as effective as it looks.

    Its simple shape makes it easy to use whilst the silicone material ensures maximum comfort. A must for any man’s toy collection.

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  • £35.99

    Pleasure and please your prostate with this highly erotic stylishly designed massager! This gorgeous item is the Pandora Prostate Massager, an extremely quiet prostate and g-spot stimulator with seven unbelievable pleasure settings which include: low, medium, high, surfing, pulsating, escalating, and super speed, all to arouse and stimulate you into a fantastic body trembling orgasm!

    This beautiful blue prostate and g-spot pleaser has been constructed in medical-grade silicone and is super soft to the touch, tease and tantalise your prostate for super excited orgasmic pleasure!

    Dare you indulge in Pandora!

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  • £36.99

    The Rouge is a uniquely designed piece that fits tightly over the cock and balls with a perineum stimulator as well with a bulbous anal plug. A built-in compartment designed for a vibrating bullet is located in the base so the wearer can be pushed over the edge with vibration.

    Measurements Anal Plug has 4.5-inch insertable length, 1.48 max insertable width, Cock Ring has a 1.42-inch internal width, Ball Ring has a 1.3-inch internal width, Accommodates bullet vibes up to 0.5 inches in diameter.

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  • £37.99

    Prostate Probe with a quality and unique design. It’s made of stainless steel and has a smooth curvature design perfect for hitting the P-Spot or G-spot.

    Hand polished to a mirror shine for intense stimulation and pleasure. We recommend a good quality lubricant is used for easy insertion.

    Rounded tip for easy insertion.

    Weight 0.426 kg
    Dimensions 19 x 3 cm

    Case not included

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  • £40.00

    One of the latest hands-free additions to the Nexus family, The Gyro is a male G-spot toy with motion in mind! Designed so users can ‘gyrate’ their way to a male G- spot orgasm!

    Made from comfortable, phthalate-free, super-soft silicon Made from super-soft silicone for added flexibility and comfort.

    The Nexus Gyro is phthalate free like the other anal sex toys in our range, including the nexus vibro, glide, excel and titus. There are also other silicone prostate massagers in our range, the Nexus ‘O’, Nexus Duo range and Nexus Pods are just some to mention.

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  • £40.00

    The O is specifically designed for men who want to experiment with anal play stimulating the prostate (the G-spot) and perineum area.

    These areas are pivotal in controlling and increasing a man’s erection, orgasm and ejaculation. Essentially, they are the command centres for sexual pleasure.

    The Nexus O enhances the strength of traditional orgasms whilst masturbating or during intercourse, it can also be used during foreplay. The Nexus O has a three ball design that works to stimulate the G-spot, provide a secure fit and tickle the perineum making orgasms much more intense.

    The O is a new hands-free Nexus toy and is made from phthalate-free, supersoft silicone for added comfort and flexibility. The Nexus ‘O’ also joins a family of silicone prostate massagers in the Nexus range: Nexus Gyro. Nexus Tripod, Nexus GPod and Nexus Duo Range of male G-spot massagers

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